About Sova

With the demand shifting from the conventional fossil fuels and Nuclear Energy that are non-renewable and also due to their harmful environmental effects solar power has been the latest addition to the global Power Industry. The concerns towards a green and renewable energy source has led to the widespread acceptance of Solar Energy and development of the solar technology in a much larger scale. Understanding the Global Demand for a Green Energy Source and a responsibility towards the future Sova Power Limited had started its journey in 2008 to manufacture Cost effective High quality solar Photovoltaic products for both Grid Connected & off- Grid Power Products like Solar Pumps, Solar Street Light etc.

Focusing on Silicone Crystalline based products using high quality raw materials Sova Solar Limited has catered to the demand for Green Renewable Source of Energy across the Globe. From a small 2KW Solar Power Plant for Durgapur Women’s college in West Bengal to 1 MW Grid connected Solar Power Plant at Jamuria in Bardhhaman district of West Bengal. We are in constant process to produce cost-effective Clean & Green Power.