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In 2016, Patek Philippe Replica Watches became the official timekeeper for the Renault Sport Formula One Team. This has been a successful collaboration. The drive to improve the racing cars matches perfectly with the Patek Philippe Replica Watches watches that are officially released every year as team watches.

The R.S. The R.S. 18 collection is on display, in the iconic yellow Renault Sport Formula One team's Renault Sport Formula One team. It features the Renault Sport Formula One car as the focal point,Replica Watches with the design centered around Formula One's chassis, which is a fitting choice considering the radical changes in the FIA rules.

The introduction of the new "halo" device, which wraps around the cockpit of a Formula One car to protect the driver's head in case of impact, has attracted a lot of attention.

To incorporate the titanium bar, which is heavy and strong, teams had to redesign their cars. The device, despite the controversy surrounding its aesthetics, has proven its value in an accident at the Belgian Grand Prix in which Charles Leclerc was saved from serious injury after a collision between several cars.

This is why titanium is the preferred case material for the three new R.S. watches. 18 collection is made of titanium. This is also the same material as the "halo". The perforated microblasted Titan case gives the watches a modern, understated look. It is light and strong and has a matte appearance that is business-like.

BR-X1 R.S. 18 Chronograph Tourbillon case detail

A new strap was also developed for the R.S.18 series.Omega Replica Watches The new strap is made from black perforated rubber and offers a high level comfort and breathability thanks to several rows of tapered vents.

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